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Science and Technology Week

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  Popularization of science and technology has been paid great attention by the Party and government all along. With the development of economy, science and technology, innovation has taken place in popularization of science and technology, achieving increased influence and more plentiful content. At the end of 1994, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued ‘Decisions on Strengthening Science and Technology Popularization’. The Decisions proposed popularizing science and technology by the popular means such as ‘science and technology week’ and ‘scientific and technology holiday’, etc. At the beginning of 1995, Beijing Party Committee and Beijing Government decided to hold a large-scale activity for popularizing science and technology around the city every May, i.e. Beijing Science and Technology Week. January 1999, Beijing People’s Congress issued ‘Regulations of Popularization of Science and Technology of Beijing’, incorporating articles of holding Beijing Science and Technology week every May.

  Beijing Science and Technology Week reflects the government’s promotion and support to popularization of science and technology, the scientific and technological staff’s contribution and effect to  popularization of science and technology, and media, social group and enterprises’ recognition and participation in popularization of science and technology. Now, Beijing Science and technology Week tends to integrate popularization of science and technology with culture, art, and education extensively, tends to commercialize some activities, and tends to strengthen international operation of popularization of science and technology. Beijing Science and Technology Week, which involves the public and faces the world, will play a more important role in science and technology undertaking of Beijing.

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