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  Beijing Million Families Digital Life Competence Contest is hosted by BAST, Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, and Beijing Women's Federation. The contest mainly faces to families and young people in Beijing, combining popularization, interactivity, display and competence as a whole. The contest is a symbolic activity of ‘the 56th practical items directly related to people’s life-million families internet engineering’ proposed by Beijing government in 2004, and plays a positive role in raising scientific literacy of the public, promoting capacity building of information and communication technology, and building a harmonious society. The contest has been held for 8 years since 2004, and participants have increased from 50,000 to 300,000 per year, benefiting 1,300,000 people. With the development of economy and technology, and higher level of information technology of common people, format and content of the contest have been changing according to people’s requirements over the past 8 years. Content of the contest changed gradually from popularization of common sense of computer and internet to high-tech knowledge and application of high-tech digital household electrical appliances, propagating the idea of ‘digital life’.  

  The contest sets a subject and carries out corresponding activities according to social hot issues and common people’s interest every year. The activities include three parts: individual contest, family contest and community activities. The individual contest includes quiz on internet, digital photographing contest and DV contest. The family contest only allows family application, and its application and selection are held by 16 districts and counties of Beijing, respectively. Respective district or county elects one family team to participate the E-family training camp, and 6 teams are elected to reach the finals. Family teams win first prize, second prize and third prize through live quiz. During the contest, plentiful community forums are also held, which involve the Internet of things, digital photographing, English for science and technology, family financial planning, usage of micro-blog, online shopping, and E-bank, etc.   

  During the activity, the special website publishes a variety of information so that participants can learn about real-time information of the contest. The website also provides an online answering system, an application platform for family participant, and a contribution platform for digital photographing contest. The activity holds news release conference at the start, puts up posters in important communities of the 16 districts and counties, advertising in flowing bus light boxes, and report contest results through print media, broadcast and television. There are about 50 print media per year, as well as websites including www.sohu.com, www.China.com.cn and www.qianlong.com to report contest results.


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