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Beijing Society for Agrofood Safety canvassed the people of Yongling Village to get their requirements

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On July 27, Chen Zaoyan the Chief Supervisor of Beijing Society for Agrofood Safety (BSAS), Dr Jia Wenkun accompanied several experts to the economic cooperative of Yongling Village of Changping District, which is the Poverty Alleviation Base of BSAS; there, they checked the relevant work, canvassed requirements and gave instructions.

Yongling Village lies in Shisanling Town; according to the cultural heritage policy, it cannot develop the economy that will bring damage to the cultural heritage. Meanwhile, the ravine takes 72% of its area; and it is in short of natural resource. Moreover, Yongling Village does not have enough outbound market due to its poor infrastructure; so most of its produces are consumed locally. The Poverty Alleviation Project of Beijing Society for Agrofood Safety (BSAS) has trained the villagers the skills of beekeeping, edible fungus cultivation etc. to communicate their scientific breeding & cultivating techniques, and to provide reasonable train of thought for generating profits, so as to increase the income of the villagers.

Jia Wenkun the expert in charge of the program reported the progress during the past 6 months; Meng Fanxi the Party Secretary of the Yongling Village introduced the natural conditions of the village and the operation of the economy cooperative. Based on the on-the-spot research and the current situation, the experts discussed the existing problems of the economy cooperative and then made practical suggestions thereafter.

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