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Communication Meeting between Science & Technology Enterprises and Tongzhou Branch of Huaxia Bank was organized successfully.

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  On August 18, Tongzhou Association for Science and Technology, Beijing Kaibao Science & Technology Service Co., Ltd, Tongzhou chamber of commerce for Science & Technology Innovation Enterprises, and Tongzhou Branch of Huaxia Bank jointly organized a Communication Meeting for the Science & Technology Enterprises, in order to further help this kind of enterprises of Tongzhou District to effectively communicate with banks for credit affairs, to ensure that the requirements of finance will be met, to promote the rapid transformation, upgrading and development of enterprise, to promote the smooth operation of bank credit work, and to implement the request of “Innovation-Driven Project” of Beijing Association for Science and Technology (BAST).


  The Chief staff of Huaxia Bank detailed the relevant business and services, so as to assist the enterprises to solve the problem of funds shortage during their development, and to help them to create a good circumstance of manufacture and operation.
  For a long time, the problem of getting credit difficultly and expensively has been blocking the development of Chinese real economy; especially, for the agriculture, agricultural area and peasants, the micro, small and medium enterprises. There are three main reasons. Firstly, the enterprises are in short of finance knowledge. Secondly, they are in short of credit channel. Thirdly, information asymmetry. Therefore, focusing on this situation, Tongzhou Association for Science and Technology invited the professional finance organization to serve the Associations for Science and Technology of enterprises in the field of finance and credit.
  Jin Wenling the Chairman of Tongzhou Association for Science and Technology and the other relevant people attended the meeting.


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