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Talent Recommendation

Talent Recommendation

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  BAST actively establishes platforms and creates conditions for scientific and technological staff to carry out academic exchanges. It emphasizes the growth service for scientific and technological talents,implements the “Early Cultivation Plan for Juvenile Scientific and Technological Reserve Talents”, the “Growth Plan for Youth Scientific and Technological Talents” and the “Plan of Overseas Talents Participating in Beijing’s Development”, to accelerate the growth of scientific and technological talents. It pushes forward the implementation of the “Plan for Giving Play to the Use of Retired Scientific and Technological Talents” and creates conditions for the elderly scientific and technological staff to contribute achievements in their retirement time. Through rewarding and recommending excellent scientific and technological talents, BAST successfully carries out the continuing education for scientific and technological staff, and it implements each item of work including the status investigation of scientific and technological staff, which forcefully accelerates the construction for “Home of Scientifi c and Technological Staff”.

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